Some of my research focuses on fighter pilot Lydiia Vladimirovna Litviak, who adopted the nickname “Liliia” (often simplified as Lily or Lilya in English). Litviak’s compelling story has generated a lot of interest, as well as a lot of misinformation, exaggeration, and nonsense.

I’ve created a site devoted solely to Litviak’s history, with collections of photos, documents, bibliographies, and links to other sites. I have interviewed people who knew Litviak during the war, including her mechanic Inna Pasportnikova, and I have copies of many archival materials and some of her letters. There is information about her in both of my books and in my “Wings, Women, and War” article. I recently completed an article entitled “The Death of Lidiia Litviak: Rumor, Hearsay, and Evidence about the World's First Female Fighter Ace,” which is under review for publication and sorts out the good information from the bad.

Go to this link for more about Liliia Litviak.

Lydiia Vladimirovna Litviak (1921-1943)
photo of Liliia Litviak